About Titan Nutrition

Titan Nutrition was founded by me, George Wilhelm, in 2007. From the start, my philosophy, after 20 years experience in the fitness and supplement business, was to bring to the market sports nutritional supplements of unmatched quality. For years, I had seen mediocre products being offered to the market, compromised by secondary ingredient quality. I still see them. I decided that the only way to overcome the well-deserved poor reputation of some brands, was to introduce a new standard of excellence not previously seen.

It’s not about where you start. It’s where you end up

In those days, it was hard to imagine the success that is now enjoyed by Titan as the brand establishes itself in stores, homes and peoples lives throughout the country. Now we are readier than ever to meet the rigorous demands of our retail partners and consumers.

Our starting point was cutting edge research and proven ingredients from impeccable sources: this is the starting point on a journey to nutritional excellence.

The underlying principle was not just to make over-hyped claims of quality and effect, but to actually deliver on those promises. The bywords of “purity” and “potency” have become central to Titan Nutrition’s product design. These qualities will continue to be core values in the brand into the years ahead as Titan embraces future technologies.

I promise, that when you invest in a Titan product, you are investing in your health. Whether your objectives are improved well-being or even specific performance and physique goals, you could not have chosen more effective supplements as your training and lifestyle partner.