100% Natural

The Titan Nutrition philosophy is to make sure that every person using its advanced products enjoys an unbeatable advantage in both nutritive value and taste. Guaranteeing that this happens is Titan’s unique Cold Fold Technology: a dry blending process that maintains all ingredients at a consistent low temperature.

Amazing Taste

Titan Nutrition uses only the purest, cleanest, safest and most concentrated natural flavourants available. This ensures minimal nutrient displacement allowing a higher nutritional potency than normally experienced.

Unique Technology

A cornerstone to Titan’s philosophy of providing you unrivalled purity and potency is it’s unique “Cold Fold Technology”.

Protein ingredients are normally sensitive to temperature. High temperatures denature proteins and wide fluctuations (even over short periods of time) negatively affect taste, absorption and biological value. Protein bonds are broken down by thermal denaturing and this renders them less efficient and less bio-available.

Temperature can also negatively affect flavourings affecting aroma and taste experiences. Traditional methods of dry mixing, such as ribbon blending, even at low speed, subject ingredients to nano-changes in temperature. These effects are unacceptable to Titan Nutrition. To avoid them a revolutionary, customised Cold Folder is used, gently combining ingredients at an ultra-low temperature.

In this way, undenatured proteins and natural flavours are preserved intact, as nature intended. Proteins engineered carbohydrates and essential fatty acids remain bio-available, ready to be assimilated into depleted muscles.