Intra Muscle: Creatine Powered For Maximum Muscle Growth


I’m slumped in a post-workout daze in one of the easy-chairs at Planet Fitness in Queenswood, Pretoria.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Titan’s new Intra Muscle it’s this. Whatever’s in you, Intra Muscle will dig it out. Every last drop of glycogen, all your adrenaline, the works.  It takes all you have and then adds back. I’ve used scores of intras but this is different.

The idea behind intra workouts is simple:

  1. Reduce muscle breakdown.
  2. Increase energy for the workout
  3. Increase endurance
  4. Improve hydration.

Now that that’s cleared up you’d have to admit, you can’t put everything under the sun into an intra-workout.  Just like a pre-workout or a protein shake, there are limits.  At some point the product designer and his team, if they’re smart, are going to have to be selective.  Especially, if, like Titan, they are committed to EFT standards.  Effective Dose Therapy means that whatever’s in there must be enough to have an “optimum” impact.

The genius behind Intra Muscle is that it does the above 4 important things way better than everyone else.  It completely disregards actions that would be duplicated by other ingredients (but more weakly) and discards fashionable or ineffective substances that sound impressive but bring nothing to the party.


Why choose Titan Intra Muscle?

Choice is one of the things we face every day.  So many products compete for our attention, seemingly side by side, that it’s hard to tell truth from hype.  As consumers, to make our choices safer, we rely on brands that have good reputations and they ‘come recommended’.  In the world of nutrition and especially sports supplements, word of mouth carries weight too.

Here at Titan Nutrition, we believe in proven science.  It is always science that underwrites performance and outcomes.  Our name rides on the harsh judgment of results.

For many people, time is short.  Getting to gym can be a fight against other competing priorities.  You owe it to yourself to make the most of every session you do.  Intra Muscle will make sure every workout is a ground breaking move forward.


What happens when you use Intra Muscle?

Intra Muscle gets working in you within 10 minutes.  It tastes good and it leaves the palate clean.  A couple of gulps and you start to feel pretty good.  Energetic, wide awake and focused. 

You start.  Start light, get the motion and strictness of reps sorted.  Believe me, you’ll have the energy to do any number of sets you choose.

The pump builds, set after set, the joints feel perfect.  As you get to your target working sets, you see that the muscle is engorged faster than usual. It’s easy to contract hard for long periods, holding it tight and releasing slowly.  Time under tension seems easy. You notice that your muscles are holding the pump constantly and you feel permanently flexed.  It occurs to you, you’ve never had this before. You don’t want it to end.  By this time the Intra is still 1/3rd full!!  You dare to sip some more. You’re just standing there and thinking I can do more.  So you do.  It’s more than capability.  It’s like “curiosity”.. where can this take me?  There’s no shouting and screaming.  This is no wet-behind-the ears Makaveli moment.  It’s just you in a private zone and it’s way too good to share.   So….no thanks.  I have a training partner.  Meet Intra Muscle.


This is why Intra Muscle will be the last Intra you ever use.

  • Titan Intra Muscle uses EDT levels of instantised leucine to reduce or eliminate muscle scavenging during the workout. Creatine also supports this function by holding leucine and other aminos in the muscle.
  • Agmatine and creatine work together to boost energy and a massive pump in the workout
  • Endurance is literally doubled with the combination of betaine, creatine HCL and malic acid. Muscle pain thresholds disappear.
  • By the combination of sea salt and highly stable creatine HCL, the body holds onto electrolytes and essential salts, preventing muscle cramps and volume-killing fatigue.


While all this is going on, this combination of ingredients is still hard at work.  For example:


  • Agmatine increases LH (leuteinising hormone (which increases testosterone production).
  • Creatine volumises muscle cells and holds nutrient rich fluid including electrolytes
  • Betaine deadens pain safely. That’s why you can push so hard!!
  • Malic acid improves absorption of creatine, promotes energy production (ATP), increases exercise endurance and helps fights muscle fatigue.
  • Leucine efficiently builds muscle. Gram for gram, leucine has 4 times the muscle synthesizing power of whey protein!!


Stop wasting workouts. 

Treat yourself to the one and only elite intra-workout formula.  Not many companies have three intra workout products.  Titan has and they know their importance.  Long story short, they’re better than everyone at making them.

Think how precious your time is.  For the first time ever, use an Intra that’s so good it’s like a date with yourself.

And you don’t want to miss that.


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Is Native Whey Protein The Best Protein Powder Available?

What is Native Whey and what does it mean?

You may have seen the term “Native Whey” used quite frequently, let us break down the facts, science and health benefits of this truly innovative form of protein powder, unlike anything else you used before.

We all know the standard Whey Protein supplements that have been around for years, so why is Native Whey protein different? This superior form of Whey Protein is gaining popularity as a premium option to add to your supplement regime. Keep reading to understand what sets Native Whey Protein apart as a high-performance supplement and why it will become your new protein of choice!


Did you know that regular Whey protein is derived from the by-product of cheese? Not many people do, but this means that milk is first treated with heat (which destroys the high vitamin content of dairy foods) and then chemically processed to separate the Whey. It is then blended and added into your favourite supplement brand’s protein powder.

This is where Native Whey is different. It undergoes a unique processing method which means that Native Whey protein comes directly from Farm Fresh Milk. It’s then treated in a uniquely natural way to ensure it remains as close to the original protein source as possible.
Here is how it is made;


Our Native Whey protein sets itself apart through undergoing a state-of-the-art extraction process. Fresh Grass-Fed Cold Milk is filtered through an intricate, delicate and finely tuned process of microfiltration, nanofiltration and low temperature drying to avoid damaging the protein structures.
This direct process allows the intact protein to be digested by our bodies in a more natural way, without the unnecessary chemicals and additives that some companies use to develop traditional whey protein. These traditional processing methods using heat tend to result in an over-processed form of Whey protein. This is classified as ‘denaturing’, which really explains the process in itself (de-natured) but additionally contains a lower nutrient and amino acid profile. Our Superior Native Whey is classified as undenatured, making it the first choice for bodybuilders, athletes and anyone wanting the best protein powder available.



High quality ingredients, innovative filtration and no additives gives you a protein supplement that is more bioavailable and able to assist with recovery to a greater extent. Native Whey’s complete protein structures ensure it has higher levels of BCAAs & EAAs. Most notably our Native Whey Protein contain higher levels of Leucine & L-Glutamine than standard Whey.

Leucine is the main building block behind muscular growth and repair as it is responsible for activating Muscle Protein Synthesis- the higher the Leucine, the better the rate of lean muscle building and recovery. L-Glutamine also plays an important role in recovery and has been shown to protect against the stressors your body experiences during intense periods or training.

Supplementing with a product which contains higher amounts of protein, BCAAs, EAAs, Leucine and L-Glutamine  per serving such as TITAN Native Whey, can allow you to maintain your strength and power and keep you feeling fit and healthy.


Research has shown that Native Whey proteins produce superior muscle power compared with standard Whey proteins through a faster absorption rate and an increased level of naturally occurring amino acids, especially Leucine. This has also been shown to promote a faster rate of recovery and neuromuscular adaptation post-training compared to your standard protein supplement.[1]


The superior filtration methods and innovative advances in Native Whey protein production make Native Whey UNRIVALLED in terms Quality, Amino Acid profile and Speed of Absorption[1], Due to the direct sourcing from Fresh Grass-Fed  Cows Milk (and not from the chemical processed cheese  by-product whey protein), the taste is Creamier and more Delicious!

This premium form of whey can attract a higher price than cheaper forms of whey protein, but as you can see, Native Whey is a Superior Form of Protein. High Quality Ingredients & Minimal Processing creates a Clean, Pure and Highly Functional Protein Supplement. If you are interested in maximizing your training adaptations, making TITAN Native Whey Protein the Foundation of your Supplement Stack is a Foolproof method to reach your Goals.

[1] *Garcia-Vicencio et al. A Moderate Supplementation of Native Whey Protein Promotes Better Muscle Training and Recovery Adaptations Than Standard Whey Protein – A 12-Week Electrical Stimulation and Plyometrics Training Study. Frontiers in Physiol. 2018;9:1312.

Why Buy TITAN Native Protein?

How do I know my Protein Shake is high quality? And why should I choose TITAN Native Protein?

With the growing amount of protein supplements on the market it is hard to know which ones are of the best quality and worth spending your hard earned cash on.

Unfortunately , many protein supplements are blended with inferior sources of protein such as low quality cheese byproduct processed denatured whey protein, that has very little nutritional value left. These products often contain more lactose, soy and added fillers and preservatives – that cause gastrointestinal distress such as bloating, gas and cramping. Inferior sources of protein, gram for gram are not as pure as Native Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate or Native Micellar Casein Concentrate.
TITAN Native Protein serves up more quality protein per scoop and is lower in unwanted lactose, fat and carbohydrates than cheaper protein sources.

TITAN NATIVE PROTEIN is cold-processed, micro & ultra filtered, made directly from 100% Grass Fed Pasture Raised Milk. Especially imported for TITAN from the highest quality milk producing countries in Europe. Since TITAN uses only the purest protein source on the market, it’s rich in naturally occurring Essential Amino Acids (EAAS) & Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAS). Our Superior Protein will never contain any soy or fillers, is hormone free, gluten free, non GMO & free of any chemicals. What sets TITAN apart from the competition is 100% pure protein that digests easily with no gastrointestinal discomfort that tastes amazing!!

Titan Protein

Our TITAN Protein products contain a maximum of 4 ingredients -that is the purity of our protein and makes us the pinnacle of protein powders.
If your protein contains a shopping list of ingredients and the first ingredient on the list is not the only source of protein in that product, then it is time to make the switch to TITAN Nutrition. Your body will thank you!

Our TITAN Native Grass Fed TRUE WHEY & ISOZERO Isolate Protein can be taken throughout the day to increase your protein intake, added to your favourite recipes and smoothies. And most importantly used as a post workout shake to fuel recovery and natural muscle development.

Pure Grass Fed Protein


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