Native Woats

The Ultimate Meal Replacement

Two of the highest performing and most dependable foods known to man come to you in Titan Native Whey and Oats. Built on a foundation of Titan’s famous Native True Whey Protein and combined with nature’s super carb, oats, you’re nutritionally on-track to greatness.



Organic Non-GMO Stone Milled Oats

This is not just an ordinary oats. It’s non-GMO, whole organic oats, stone-ground the traditional way. This natural method maintains low nano-pass temperatures without the thermo-gain impact of steel-roller milling and mechanical pulverizing. This means that the micro nutrient and glycosides incipient in the oats remain unaltered throughout the process.


  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • Hormone Free
  • No Added Sugar

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Contains No Banned Substances.

All ingredients conform to the WADA/IOC Anti-Doping Codes.


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