True Whey

100% Grass Fed New Zealand Whey Protein

Made From Fresh Grass-Fed Milk.

A delicious protein shake that is packed with 100% Bioavailable macronutrients that your body can digest and absorb instantly. From The highly active athlete to those wanting a delicious way to improve their daily protein intake, this is an unmatched quality you can taste and feel.



Why We Use 100% Grass Fed New Zealand Whey Protein.

TITAN TRUE WHEY Protein Concentrate comes from New Zealand grass-fed Friesian cows, these pasture-fed free range cows’ milk are of the highest quality. The milk is tested throughout every stage of the process to ensure it remains Clean, Pure and Free from hormones and antibiotics.

Our whey protein powder yields a superior nutritional profile, that is virtually carb and fat free. Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) is the least processed form of whey protein powder, boasting a complete amino acid profile.

Our Pure Whey Protein is packed full of macronutrients for optimal bioavailability. Clinically Proven To Increase Overall Muscle Protein Synthesis, True Whey is Essential For Optimal Muscle Support And Recovery.

TRUE WHEY is manufactured using a unique Cold Fold Technology, Leaving the protein unaltered by heat, chemicals, enzyme action or processing. No added fillers, binding or caking agents. Native True Whey is higher in protein and BCAAs with no added chemicals And is suitable for Vegetarians.

Everyone Needs Whey Protein.

Builds lean muscle and boosts metabolism,

Enhances exercise recovery

Decreases appetite and fills you up

Fuels and repairs body cells

A complete absorbing protein without any bloat or gas

Fast absorbing nutrients

Boosts your immunity

Contains No Banned Substances.

All ingredients conform to the WADA/IOC Anti-Doping Codes.

4 reviews for True Whey 100% Grass Fed New Zealand Whey Protein

  1. roro.iron.warrior.omff

    I enjoy my whey protein more than I should sometimes. It just goes great with making smoothies packed with amazing taste. My preferred flavor would of course be chocolate, cause hey I’m still a woman who need some chocolate in her life😉. It really is a great product! Keep it up team Titan.

  2. leandipotgieter17 (verified owner)

    Beste Whey protein wat ek nog ooit gebruik het. Het al baie brands getoets en Titan wen loshande. Geen funny na smaak nie, proe nie soos meel of super thick nie. Die is 10 / 10 nee wag 12/10! Chocolate en Vanilla uitgetoets. Volgende keer sal ek strawberry probeer. Kan nie wag nie!

  3. crazedvixen.ers (verified owner)

    I have been using Titan whey from 2014 and have never used any other whey ever since. It has truly helped me through all my preps. It tast great, mix easy and is excellent for baking. Definitely a great quality whey.

  4. Adrian Fransman (verified owner)

    Great taste, not too sweet, not bland at all and the texture is smooth. Really great product.

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