War Machine


Ballistic Pre Workout

TITAN WAR MACHINE is a pre-workout designed for the individual that demands only the best. WAR MACHINE is clinically dosed to give you Extreme Pumps, Razor Sharp Focus, Increased Motivation & Extended Endurance.
We’ve added the world’s best adaptogen, ASHWAGANDHA KSM-66®️, that allows the body to adapt to all manner of stressors & as a result, will reduce cortisol & stress while boosting athletic performance & cognitive function.

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  • Increased Nitric Oxide Levels
  • Improved Mental Performance
  • Muscle Cell Volumizer
  • Maximum Energy Boost
  • Potent Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduced Cortisol Levels


Mix 1 level scoop with 200 – 300ml cold water 15 – 20min prior to your workout.
Do not exceed 1 level scoop in a 24 hour period.
(Scoop is for guidance only – please weigh your serving for the exact dosage.)

Contains No Banned Substances.

All ingredients conform to the WADA/IOC Anti-Doping Codes.

GlycerSize ™ is a trademark of Pinnacle Ingredients Pty Ltd (Australia).

KSM-66®️ is a Registered Trademark of Ixoreal Biomed Inc.

11 reviews for War Machine

  1. benton.davis2

    Things I’ve realised since I started using the new War Machine pre workout from @titannutritionsa :

    The labeling is great and I found the packaging very appealing. But… and this is a very BIG BUT.. the gold is found within the container.

    The guys at Titan have outdone themselves with this preworkout. I’m speechless , or should I rather say, thankful. They have created the pre workout I’ve been waiting for.

    I’m so tired of using preworkouts that just fall short after they’ve been hyped up so much. So tired of wasting my money on a pre workout that makes me feel like shit after training.

    War Machine is very potent, well formulated and it tastes amazing. You can literally kill your workout and still feel like a machine when you leave the gym.

    War Machine hybridize many characteristics, to not only give you one specific goal, but ensure you can keep coming back day after day to make serious progress.

    I would just like to list a few things that grabbed my attention:

    1) Meticulously formulated.
    3) Backed by science.
    4) NO postworkout crash or jitters.
    5) Amazing taste (no weird after taste).
    6) Real clinical dosages.
    7) Ethical and effective caffeine use.
    8) Good value and servings count.
    9) Accurate claims from brand to label.
    10) Very affordable for such a potent pre workout

  2. louisfourie7

    I have been using Titan Nutrition Products since 2011 and have yet to be disappointed. Top quality ingredients,attention to detail and EDT (effective dose therapy)is second to none.
    War Machine is no different!! I have never been a big fan of pre workout because they always made me jittery or crash and left me depleted after my workouts.
    That was until i discovered Wreck. Titan Nutrition’s other class leading Pre Workout. With its impressive combination of L-Citrulline Malate and Patented Glycerzise always gave me skin splitting pumps while a combination of caffeine and L-Tyrosine provided energy and mental focus with zero crash. I never thought there would be anything on the market that could be better. Until now…
    War Machine is the latest in cutting edge technology and science! its stronger and smarter. Pumps are even better now thanks to Arginine Nitrate, but the biggest improvement i would say is the mental energy and focus no thanks to Ashwagandha Root extract. Because of that the caffeine is reduced slightly that I feel is now spot on
    as it could get to much for people not to familiar with strong coffee.

    I think this might be the best product Titan Nutrition has produced to date. Its in my opinion probably one of the best, if not THE best pre workouts in the world.
    It tastes good, gives you superior focus and strength with amazing pumps and zero crash. The ingredients is top notch,perfectly balanced and in effective doses. Its well priced and comes in a cool olive green (army) can.
    I really cant find any fault with it except I don’t have an endless supply.

    Thanks to the team from Titan Nutrition on another world class product.

  3. mjventer.68

    War Machine is here to stay!! This product is second to none, and I’ve honestly never felt so good after a session at the gym. Pre workouts usually makes me feel sick and also leave me with no appetite after a workout.

    War Machine has exceeded all my expectations, but I haven’t expected anything less from the great people at Titan. Once you take it you can feel the effective dose therepy doing its thing… You get a feeling of becoming alive and your mood is lifted progressively, while the workout intensity and stamina is off the charts, accompanied by a massive pump!

    The trait that caught my attention the most was the relaxed and fulfilling feeling after your workout and no crash at all! You also have ample focus and concentration left after your workout to still go home and do work for the next day!

    Welldone to the Titan Team! I’m really looking forward to what’s to come.

  4. rudydexter (verified owner)

    I just can’t stop raving about this product from Titan!! I received my new order of WAR MACHINE yesterday!! Shotgun Orange is one great tasting flavor!! WAR MACHINE provides exactly what it said it will, Extreme Pumps, Razor Sharp Focus, Increased Motivation & Extended Endurance especially when training at 05:00 each morning! Best of all there is no crash like other products afterwards! Thank you once again Titan for the quality products and the excellent service as always!!

  5. roro.iron.warrior.omff (verified owner)

    I was introduced to Titan Supplements in 2020, after using a load of other brands etc. I have never enjoyed a brand THIS MUCH.
    Absolutely ALL the products Titan produce lives up to expectations and MORE.

    When I saw the War Machine pre being advertised for release I was like a kid in a candy store! I wanted it NOW… when I finally got my first tin, I was excited as hell and could not wait to go to the gym.

    The boost War Machine gives as pre workout is insane, I enjoy every moment of my sessions ever since I started with War Machine. I could not ask for a better product.

    Titan really produces great products. Their customer service is remarkable and always on time with deliveries.
    I will never change BRAND again. This is the BRAND I will support, live by and workout by everyday, no doubt.

    Thank you for your awesome products Titan.

  6. missing.l.industries (verified owner)

    Best Pre-workout I have used to date. The energy releases slowly and lasts long without the sudden drop. 5 stars from me.
    Well done Titan Nutrition.

  7. ryanbennett2013 (verified owner)

    Excellent pre- workout Does the job well. Great pump and good focus.

    I would have to say that I prefer Wreck over this War Machine as Wreck gives me more a pump and better focus ( various Pre workouts affect people differently) , that being said you cant go wrong with Titan Nutrition.

    Still one of the best Brands

  8. rushil.patel07 (verified owner)

    A truly premium brand with great products without the ‘premium’ price.

    Proof that you don’t need to price your products to create perceptions as some do

  9. rudydexter (verified owner)

    Best tasting Pre-Workout on the market and I just love my new Tropic Thunder flavor!! Thank you Titan!!

  10. jurgensbusiness (verified owner)

    One of the most well rounded pre workouts I have ever used. Quality and premium ingredients at an affordable price.

  11. jano (verified owner)

    This shit is awesome

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