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This article contains information that’s “none of your damn business”!

Like it or not, whey is a four-letter word. In the wrong hands whey is an ineffective, contaminated, filthy protein. Actually, it is an impediment to reaching your workout goals. Did you know that low-quality whey powders are virtually useless for muscle growth, even before they are tossed in containers and have the label applied? Even before you part with big bucks of your hard-earned money.

Perhaps you’re wondering, “Why would sports supplements manufactures offer a whey protein that is less than top quality?” In an ideal world they wouldn’t want to, of course. But welcome to reality. These guys want to slice the cost of the whey powder in the container because it’s all about making money. So, if it’s cheap and easy to come by – why not?

5 Nov, 2009


Although creatine was discovered in 1912 by researchers at Harvard University, it was until much later that an effort was made to isolate it and sell it as a supplement. (more…)

Got Whey ?

by george

8 Apr, 2009

The facts about Whey Protein

Where whey comes from

Whey protein is made from milk, regardless of how it is filtered and separated.  Fresh milk from healthy cows reared in optimum conditions is just the first step in the eventual production of dry powdered whey.