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Our Heritage

Our Artisan Heritage

When Titan Nutrition was founded it was a hands-on process using only a “quality above all else” mission in mind as a guiding premise. The quality of local brands at the time was, with a few minor exceptions (and none of them proteins) in a parlous state and to to be blunt, it is, if nothing else, even worse now than it was then. On the imported side, there existed a handful of the world best-known nutrition brands as some form of conceptual yardstick of comparison. So, to all intents and purposes, Titan Nutrition’s formulas were created entirely from the ground up, with countless modifications made along the way to fine-tune a product that was in any case, superb out of the starting blocks.

True Artisan methods and values

All of our products, whether they be rBGH-free micro-filtered-wheys, organic stone-milled oats, or aqua-separated micellar caseins, are made from:

  • freshly sourced ingredients from selected pastoral heartland farms – typically small, family owned and operated artisan properties and occasionally members of co-ops
  • natural flavours that we identified for their taste and healthful functionality – superfruits, real fair trade dark cocoa, and real, natural vanillin crystals.
  • High purity, western hemisphere artificial sweeteners balanced for compatibility

Every single production run is personally loaded, supervised and controlled by the owner and founder of the company and on finalising is checked on the spot against the reference. Quality and consistency is everything to us. This is one of the crucial measures of the true artisan product: one that is made at the unforgiving hands of the products original pioneer. Then, carefully nurtured through to completion, packing and your eventual possession.

How our Artisan Legacy benefits you

Titan products taste unique because, apart from ingredient quality, time-saving shortcuts are simply not possible in our artisan process. These are unique products. Even the preservation of the unskewed peptides of true micro-filtered whey is maintained through the process of cold-folding. This ensures you’re getting all the benefits of the perfect, intact protein fractions ordained in nature to be of the most benefit.

If you’re concerned about chemicals in your environment and body, you can not make a better choice. Additionally, if your priority is about performance, physical conditioning and results, nothing will be able to match Titan.

Either way, you won’t find a better tasting protein without any digestive issues whatsoever: and that’s already a better start than anyone could ask for.