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Got Whey ?
by george

8 Apr, 2009


The facts about Whey Protein

Where whey comes from

Whey protein is made from milk, regardless of how it is filtered and separated.  Fresh milk from healthy cows reared in optimum conditions is just the first step in the eventual production of dry powdered whey.

Whey is good for you

Whey offers a delicious, nutritious and completely harmless protein that is quickly absorbed by your body.  Whey protein can be used by people of all ages, and because it is lactose free, it can even be consumed by people who are lactose-intolerant.  It also contains very low levels of fat and carbohydrates, so that it is ideal for dieters, athletes and diabetics.

Microfiltration vs Ion-Exchange Whey

Ion-Exchange Whey is made by taking a whey protein liquid and running it through what is called an “ion exchange” column to get an “ion exchange whey protein.” While this process can yield a higher protein content product (up to 96% in the case of isolates) with virtually no fat or lactose, many of the most important sub fractions are lost or greatly reduced. To experience the numerous health benefits of whey protein, you need the sub fractions untouched. Many supplement companies tout that they use “ion-exchange isolates” but that isn’t necessarily a good thing as you can see. The best approach is not to use ion-exchange wheys (even if they are isolates) because the sub fractions are removed. You can get a high protein content product without the sub fractions removed by using a cold-filtration micro-filtered whey protein.

Cold Micro-Filtration Whey Protein

Cold microfiltration is a process where the proteins are separated through the use of micro filtering the mass all while using a cold or “chilled” environment.  The proteins are separated through the use of natural ceramic filters. The result is whey proteins that have more calcium and the highest level of undenatured protein available.

This process results in a final product that is very high in protein content (between 80 and 90% depending on the variable factors of filter pore sizes and cross-flow pressures), with virtually no undenatured protein, extremely low fat and lactose content  – while retaining the important sub fractions.

How whey is made

The whey is almost always a by-product of the cheese manufacturing process, where sweet whey is separated from the curds and subject to further filtration.  The gentler and least intrusive the extraction methods, the better the combination of desirable characteristics.  These characteristics must include a balance of biological value, absorption factors which render better protein efficiency, solubility, and taste.

The purpose of filtration of liquid whey is primarily the removal of lactose, a milk sugar.  Whey isolated from whole milk during earlier stages seeks to eliminate fat.

Milk protein is derived from two proteins: casein, which constitutes about 80% of spray-dried weight milk volume and whey which makes up the other 20%.  Each of these proteins is made up of specific protein sub-fractions.

The best process for the separation of fats and lactose from whey is microfiltration.  Microfiltration whey protein features filtering membranes with microscopic holes. This is also sometimes called Cross-Flow filtration, Ultrafiltration, or Nanofiltration, depending on the size of the holes of the filtering membranes.

Titan True Whey

Titan Nutrition offers you the best whey protein you can buy at any price: True Whey.  It is made by extreme low temperature microfiltration in the world’s most modern facility.

It contains no ion-exchanged whey whatsoever. All the protein sub-fractions remain intact.  All the ingredients such as flavours are of natural origin and the purest available.  This is borne out by the amazing taste and the excellent protein quality .

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11 Responses to “Got Whey ?”

  1. Lee on May 21st, 2009

    I have been using Titan for nearly a year and I love it. I use all three products and I completely depend on them for my supplement programme.”

  2. sook on October 23rd, 2009

    Great product specially the new improved TITAN range. currently using the whey well so far so good and it has 4.2 gram of bcaa which is amazing that means a better pump n u retain ur hard earned flesh.

  3. Debbie on October 28th, 2009

    Wow! Finally a product that really works! Titan True Whey is as the word says “True” and the taste is addictive!! Can’t decide which flavour is my favourite!! Thanks for bringing us such an outstanding product!!

  4. SILVERBACK on November 4th, 2009

    All I can say is no label or slogun can describe this product. This product is “out of this world”. So if you are serious about your gains and keeping them NO SECOND THOUGHTS!!!

  5. sook on November 29th, 2009

    Got my !st tub of nite time (casein) double milk chocolate today, i mixed it with lactose free milk (preferably cold), i have tried many of the top brands chocolate flavoured shakes but none beat this!!! with just 1scoop n 400ml cold milk this is ur perfect milkshake well its better than milkshake!!

  6. Daniel on February 10th, 2010

    I’ve only been using the True Whey for about 3 weeks now but my initial evaluation is that it seems to work pretty well. The taste, however, is unlike anything I have ever experienced! In a word, Awesome!

  7. Andre Herselman on March 12th, 2010

    Titan supermass is the best thing that could have happened 2 me. I have gained 13kg in just under 2 months with hard work. Its a qaulity product at a afordable price. Taste amazing wana have it for pudding. Thanx guys. Keep it up! Titan Rules!!!

  8. It is Quite Surprising that many People do not know What is Whey Protein? on May 21st, 2014

    While eating their regular meals, consumers should be glad to know that they will get more benefits when they try whey protein isolate and concentrate. The former is the purest form of whey and it does not contain lactose and fat. The latter is composed of seventy-five percent protein, and nutritionists recommend it because of its high biological value.

  9. Mary Berry on June 6th, 2014

    My daughter has suffered from Chronic Fatigue for 18 months. After trying many medical and alternative interventions we were directed to Titan True Whey. The impact has been remarkable. We have seen a steady boost in her energy levels as deficient amino acids slowly build up again, causing a more effective conversion of food to energy. At last – something I can understand, and something that works.

  10. george on June 6th, 2014

    Hi Mary,

    It’s absolutely wonderful hearing about your daughters gradual recovery to good health. Fatigue is a debilitating condition because it robs a person of practically every thing that life offers and that they can offer life around them. The profile and constituent elements of Titan True Whey marks it as a top-of-the-line protein product. There are virtually no proteins, including wheys on the SA market that are close to the standard we set for Titan. It is called True Whey because everything it claims to be is, in fact, true.

    Tiredness, listlessness and a lack of muscular contractile strength are features of inadequate high biological value protein and in particular protein that is high in glycomacropeptides. This is because these proteins impact most strongly on skeletal muscle, the centre of energy production and strength. Nutrition is the basis of good health and ample protein for a growing person will also boost the immune system. It goes without saying that it will also enable optimum brain function and superb physical development.

    Thank you most sincerely for your email.

    Kindest regards,

    Team Titan

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