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Titan Live Large

Titan Live Large – the one… the only… the original

With post-workout nutrition, timing is everything. If you want major strength and mass gain, uiu need to take advantage of the slim – but valuable – window of opportunity immediately after workouts. Titan Live Large is a powerful, highly concentrated, fast acting weight gainer for use after demanding workouts. Because your muscles grow while you are recovering from the workout, and not during the workout, you need to feed them with a recovery supplement specifically designed to support musclar mass production. With Live Large that’s exactly what you get! Here is why.

Workouts depletes muscles – recovery strengthens them

  • Titan Live Large has been designed to inject a burst of high speed, growth-stimulating protein and carbs into your muscles after consumption.
  • The protein element of Live Large consists exclusively of nature’s best protein (ultra-low temperature micro-filtered whey). This is because whey has a high BV (Biological Valve) and unmatched PER (Protein Efficiency Ratio).
  • This protein is highly solubleĀ  rapidly absorbed, and once taken, is immediately converted to constituent amino-acids for nitrogen deposition .
  • Because it is unbound by other slower proteins, the effect is to immediately provide for muscular recovery and growth at a time that is needed most.
  • Whey protein has consistently showed itself to be the fastest, most bio-available muscle building product that nature gas created. Therefore, post-exercise, there is no better protein that you can use.
  • Because your body continues to use energy following an anaerobic workout, a top quality carbohydrate blend, which is naturally protein-sparing will enhance the effects of the whey by preventing the breakdown of muscle for energy.
  • Combined with rapid assimilation of whey proteins, a specialised carbohydrate blend is added as the exclusive carb source. This blend provides both short and longer chain carbohydrate molecules.
  • Short chains are absorbed rapidly and longer chains more slowly, feeding your muscles a continuous steam of carbs throughout.

No Soy Protein

Live Large contains no soy protein. As a result, no related digestive problems can occur. Furthermore, no enzymes to overcome the potential digestive issues posed by soy have been added. They simply aren’t necessary. This means that all the protein contained in your serving will reach your muscles and transform your physique.

Low Lactose

Whey protein is inherently low in lactose. For lactose intolerant individuals, this is important as incomplete digestion resulting from gastric intolerance results in discomfort and the protein never reaches the muscles.

Amazing Taste

Can something that tastes as good as this really be a quality shake? The extraordinary flavour and texture you experience is because Titan takes no shortcuts with ingredient quality. Nature-sourced flavours, expertly balanced blends of soluble prebiotics and non-soluble fibre, the finest micor-pore ice-filtered wheys, the purest, cleanest carbohydrates and above all, it’s proprietary Cold Fold Technology all give Titan Live Large it’s unique taste and consistency.

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Live Large

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